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LA Galaxy Vocals – Ravi Drums

Quick vocal job here. Ravi needed vocals that sounded like a stadium chanting “LA Galaxy” for a set before an LA Galaxy soccer game at their Stadium in, yep, you’ve guessed it, L.A. Multiple layering of as many different variations of singing LA Galaxy into an sm-57, add a bit of reverb, some OTT, job done. His 10 min DJ set before the game was killer and included a track by Knock2 called “Dashstar”, which has a killer drop and well worth looking up.

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One of the Toyota uses of my track, ‘Freehand’. Bitches makin’ fun of my track. loool. Or rather, Ad creatives making fun of the ubiquitous average white man who can’t and should not dance. Bitches either way. Fkn great track. Full length version below/scroll down.

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Work Day Rising – Ravi Drums

A track for a conference in San Fran and subsequent digital ads. (early version of/the version I like). A collab with Ravi Drums and Steve Wreck, both of which are amazing. Ravi is an amazing performer and producer, killed it on this. I just played a bit of guitar and sung a rough chorus and “whoohoo” hook into an iphone and he took it from there. Adding the amazing voice of Steve Wreck, who sounds like how I think I sound like in my head, lol, but even better than that and changed woohoo into aaaahaaah, which is even better. This is what a vocalist is supposed to sound like. I’ll add Ravi’s contact in ‘contacts’. Great TV/Film/Records producer and all round star talent.

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Just licensed this to Cadillac. Again, I don’t have picture yet, but I will post it if I can get hold of it. Whatever, it’s badass. Just a “doodle”. Something from my extensive library of certified bangers.
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Just licensed this for a yuuuuuge Toyota campaign. Wut. Picture soon after it’s airing debut, or thereabouts.

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Huge global Volvo campaign. All day everywhere. Ah yes, the obligatory trap production for all things EV. Happy to contribute. I cannot believe trap has now been around for over ten years. Not the TI type trap, but the UZ, Baauer, Yellow Claw type, that started showing up around 2012 ish. It retains a fairly fresh aura. Even from overkill. 808 snares, hats and bass. The 808 drum machine has had a longevity similar to that of the jazz drum kit, or the rock drum kit, both of which didn’t morph their signature sound for decades. Drum maketh the genre.

Something for Dennys

An Oceans 11 Trap remix for Dennys

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Some TV

‘NASA’, used extensively for the Fox coverage of the world cup. ‘Mackintire’, the opening track on a series about DJ’s, the Fatboy Slim episode of “After the Raves”, Netflix.  ‘All Day Dub’ used on ‘Social Fabric’, Netflix.

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Old Navy Spot

This beat out 37 tracks. Me n Rei doodling in the studio. Those drums are one mic, loads of distortion and one take. And Rei is a first class bass player.

Check The (Fuckin) Flow – Amateur Night

This also just found a home in Amateur Night, movie. My friend Alicia Angeles on the vocal mic. I did offer to do a ‘clean’ version of this, and also to give it a clean title, because, after all it is an Ashley Tisdale movie. I’ve written music for her before and she’s covered a couple of my tracks, and her fanbase are all minors. No dice, though. Well, maybe they’re going to use a bit of the track that has no cussing. If they can find two seconds that has no cussing in it, that is. Still, nice placement. Thanks Andy.

Bong – Amateur Night


One of my madder tracks and has two spots for a total of about 3 minutes in the movie. Horrible track, but a nice appearance from my beautiful piano in the intro. She’s a duesey.




Nice way to end a Friday afternoon. My favorite Music House in Chicago just sold “Late”, again.  Jim’s sold this several times. I don’t know what it’s for this time, and I really don’t care.  And strangely I don’t have an instrumental of it, so Jim’s been selling the vocal version and I think they use the instrumental bits in the track. I should think so too, cause it’s a really sad song.  Good mix, though, and a great drum track from Ravi.  Now I’m off to buy this: Ferrari 360 Modena with custom fiber glass bass box housing 3 subs. It’s basically a Stereo on wheels.


And this is from way back, “Late” again, for Bank of America. 2008, I think, yeh, just after the crash, so banks were trying to be endearing and… ‘yes, we understand your pain, and we care, and your debt is safe with us’.  Whoever the supervisor was, on this, was spot on, cause this track is about extreme loss. No joke.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.02.54 PM

Old Navy and Trap House

I rarely do radio spots. In fact I think I’ve only ever done one radio spot and I can’t remember what is was, so maybe I didn’t. Anyway, just this last weekend, an Old Navy Back to School commercial.  “Instant” got it, but “Dance Track” was the agency’s pick, which the client thought was too upbeat, or loud, or something.  And also in the playlist are some other tracks that were submitted.

Soniando – Dreamer

In-The-Blood-2014I must have missed the release of this, (I’m sure a lot of people did) but, once again, to show off the talents of my Beverly Hills mate Matt Kahn.  This time singing in Spanish, his translation of a song written 22 years ago by my old room mate/flat mate Jamie Flynn called “Dreamer”, which for some reason, as I do now think is an awesome song. “Soniando”.  I think it was used in a restaurant scene. In fact, I don’t like the production much. Skip it. Matt sounds good though.