December – A Longlands – Spotify – YouTube etc
Maxentor – “Ambient Masters” Ambient Playlist – The idea behind Maxentor is 80’s synthy, nothing too complicated, music that can be used for meditation/yoga, concentration/studying. Some of it’s a little dark. Some of it reflects the Pandemic. Some of it is light. One EP reflects the tragic nature of the Jewish Holocaust, “Stolen Gold Sleeps”. Some of it reflects the beautiful beaches of California, Laguna and Newport. All of it deep thought. None of it gets listened to very much. For now. That’s something I will work on. All of it on Spotify/Amazon/Napster/Tik Tok etc.

Ape X – Instrumentals 01 – Trap and Modern Hip Hop instrumentals. The first time Hip Hop really affected me, really grabbed my attention, was at a party in 1983. Some, what in England was known as Electro, bussin out the stereo. Tracks like Hashim Al Nafish “The Soul” and “Jam On It” by Newcleus etc. I very quickly became a break dancer and started making Electro Hip Hop. Ape X Instrumentals is my home for recent Hip Hop and Trap sketches. Beats, mapped to verse/chorus format destined for vocals, maybe, at some point. All of it suitable for the current commercials scene/destined for movies and tv.

Ape X – Peace and Love – Trapesque sketch from my booth – Killer chorus
Smoky Laguna to Pont le Rat – “Good” –
The Heavy Petals – The End – I’m ashamed to say that this mix took 20 years. Rather, it took me 20 years to put it on a streaming platform. I mean, technology and releasing music has changed over the years. ha.

Pont le Rat – Good – Bit of a ‘hot mix’ but it’s a killer track. A Longlands – Structure – The idea behind the A Longlands Piano worx is experimentation in melody. Not symphonic and perfect played or programmed piano that sounds like every piece of piano music you have ever heard, but distinctive melodies that take a timing inspiration from ragtime, Scott Joplin, the spontaneity of Miles Davis record sessions, (grandiose for sure) in that, Miles, before he went into a studio had no idea what he was going to play. He just played whatever come out that day based on a few chords written by himself or a member of the band, it didn’t matter to him. Just play whatever comes out. There’s a couple of melodies on a couple of the piano tracks, just a couple of moments that I like. Meaning, I feel like I didn’t write them. They were just recorded at the time, without thought and no plan. “Viking” there’s a melody that I definitely could not write if I tried to. And I guarantee, the more you listen to something, the better it sounds. This is the way with music. Repetition. That’s it’s secret. Repetition is familiarity.

Maxentor – Choose Life

Anomalies 01A Longlands – Anomalies

maxentor bnwMaxentor – Sleeping Gold

Pont le Rat 01Pont le Rat – Cambodia – Just a sketch to showcase a tube spring reverb unit from the late 1960s. Pioneer sr-101. A magic machine.

peaceful piano 01A Longlands – Peaceful Piano


A song about celebrity “me too offenders” circa 2000. 7″ Vinyl and CD. Amazingly, Radio One played this daytime and night, for about six months straight. Signed by Boy Georges indie label, so kudos to them. Kudos to Stephen “Bell” Brown to be more exact. George got one of his buddies to put some backgrounds on the chorus, to make it pop more, but, to me it sounded, well, kinda gay, but I got to put my version on the subsequently signed album. (without the extra vocals/more understated and less ‘obvious’, musically). I grew up in gay clubs in London and used to see George DJ’ing and whatnot, while I was hanging out with Leee John from Imagination and Eric Robinson, from S Express. I flagged George down in Kings Cross, once, on the street, late at night, outside where I lived, at the time, and asked him if I could bring an album to him that I was working on, when it was finished. Being a great dude he was cool and friendly. The day after I finished that album, “Pigeonomics”, I walked it up to his record label office, in Camden, knocked on the door and left a CD of it with the two guys who had desks on either side of inside the door to the street. By the time I had walked back home, Stephen aka Bell, called and said ‘yeh we both really like it, and we’d like to put a single out’. A week and $2000 PR later the whole of British radio was playing the song. The first time I heard it on national radio I put my head in my hands and thought it sounded just awful. We tried to ‘remix’ the album in Wales, but I preferred my original versions and a release was set at a later date. I played some gigs and some festivals, Leeds and Reading (being the last time I ever set foot on a stage) and all was going amazing well, at which point I did an amazingly dumb thing; I chose to sign a subsequent record deal with Clive Davis in New York. And after that I did an even dumber thing; signed another deal with Sony/Columbia, being produced and written for and co singing in a band with Katy Perry. Ayayayayay. 

you been sold

You Been Sold
Mastered at Abbey Road. Damn fine lyric, a sentiment that rings out through the ages and my first SSL mix, engineered by Chris Scard. When in doubt, blame Abbey Road.

make it nice

Make It Nice
True Story


Long lost classic

Side One

Side One
Second Album signed to J Records/Clive Davis. Sporting a bindi this time. Photo shopped portrait from the same Polaroid as Pigeonomics cover.

buy me ep artwork

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 7.24.59 PMBroken
Circa 2004-ish. Yup.