A small team of extremely talented individuals

Adam – Heavily modified in both spiritual and physical being, thus creating an object of sound and vision, who easily stands head and shoulders with not only your pet dog, but also your pet dogs dreams. Highly tuned with pin point precision hearing and the ability to track signs of rumblings in the night, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, in the name of bringing impossible and otherwise unheard of music to fruition. An absolute monster of a box of chocolates. When asked, the other day, how he wishes to be remembered, he replied “ToffeeAppleOrangeAtarii”. ‘We are here at one time, and now we are gone. Long live our ancestors’.
Kitty Pipatcharoenkij – long time collaborator, many, many collaborations. Composer/songwriter, vocalist (Revlon etc), musician, ukelelelist, programmer, producer, mixer, all round genius, and is into odd and circuit bent keyboards and music tech and possesses an amazing musical aesthetic. From Los Angeles, but now lives in Bangkok and tours Asia and works remotely from anywhere in the world, where ever she may find inspiration, because this is the future, after all, and that’s how we do. Kitty can be reached here if anyone needs amazing, original, soulful, unique, world class, winning vocals, or anything else music related, come to think of it;
Victoria Scott – vocals, (Maybelline etc), guitars, composition, writing, ideas person, rap and melodic voice, and business affairs. From the band “The Blue Dolphins” with her long time partner in crime and love, Alfonso Rodenas, five times grammy winning engineer . The Blue Dolphins continue to gather traction on the world wide alt rock indie scene. Listed at Radio around the world. Regularly perform for audiences in the Americas, Europe, Malibu and at excellent summer get togethers in Malibu Canyon

Zander Bleck
Singer, musician, composer, producer who speaks everyone’s language and everybody loves him. A brilliant songwriter from the band Mojave Grey, who have just signed new management and are currently extending their already 3 part movie and are working on an album and songs in some of the most amazing recording studios In Aspen, New York and Joshua Tree. Previously performed as a solo artist, gifting vocals to remixes, single releases, has worked with everybody from Mutt Lang to Max Martin, Holly Knight, Akon, and Jimmy Iovine.
Trevis Bick – Drummer Extraordinaire/Vocalist/Songwriter/Multi Instrumentalist/Producer/Engineer – Currently setting up a 2″ Analog MCI Reel to Reel Tape Machine in his heavily outfitted recording studio. Quote; ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to record straight to Pro Tools ever again’. Trevis is no stranger to commercials and movie work and I’m wondering how this is going to be possible. But, we’ll see. At least it’ll sound good and that’s all that matters. Records some of the most amazing landscape crafted indie rock this side of Brooklyn, Columbus Ohio to be exact. Strives for perfection in musicianship and sonics within some of the most heartfelt and down to earth songs you’ll ever hear Bio Web Site and Contact;