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Girl Most Likely – “Love Sweet Love” – from, like ages ago.

This film has been on tv a lot this year, 2022 and I have never posted the music I did for it, because I had completely forgotten about it, so here is. “Love Sweet Love”. This is the flute version, but there was also a vocal version with vocals by Zoe Scott. I have no idea which version was used in the film and I cannot find Zoe’s vocal version in any of my archives. The film is actually pretty good and Matt Dillon doesn’t age. Like, at all..
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Die Facebook. Die. The music’s nice though. Haha.
13 years of over valued, overbought growth wiped out in one year. It’s a beautiful sight.


Movie night – track is called ‘Me Oh My’.


Now this is a weird one. Just licensed this to a company that makes outdoor generators and solar panels. OK. All good.
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Just won a huge global campaign for Volvo with this track. At the time I was surprised they went with a track like this, but there’s a whole bunch of EV commercials airing and I have now got the memo; ‘EV commercial, let’s have some Trap, Electric Cars, yes let’s have something that sounds kinda Trappy, Cadillac EV, erm, don’t know but as long as it’s got that Trappy 808 snare poking through the voice over, who cares, just something Trappy.’ These are the conversations Can’t upload visuals yet, but will do in a month or so, and it should start airing early November.


Cameo. Music approved by Snoop, cuz he has a stake in the company, and most likely had to be approved by Ice T, also.. Doo Wop vocals by Kitty and I, and that’s the sound of my beautiful Steinway tinkling away in the background, recorded in mono with one mic and nuthin on it. Amazing. Track is called Doo Wop Group.


From the Netherlands, again, Scandinavia. Not keen on this piece of music. I did another track, which I thought was better, but hey, they liked this one and that’s all that matters.


Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 3.25.04 PM

Ikea. Sweden. Lockdown. Hmmm. No comment.

Don’t Blink – Gigamon

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 5.44.23 PMThere is a voice over for this, and it does help the spot, especially as I always use a voice over like a singing vocal, but we’re here for the music, sorry Gigamon. A track called ‘The Industrial North’ – I’m thinking Manchester, UK, late 19th century, industrial revolution, factories, coal stacks, L.S Lowry, etc.

Ralph Lauren

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.50.44 AM“Doh Rei Me” again – a track by Rei and me. Rei on bass, me on drums and guitar and Doh, well, just because.