Tracers. A “parkour” movie. ???.

Dayum!Tracers IMDB

This was a fairly easy job. Except for the fact that I went into my booth for 10 nights and blew my voice out. Blew my diaphragm out to be more precise. We want Imagine Dragons they say. Yeh doesn’t everybody I say. What the hell, like, doesn’t anyone know the energy levels that go into a vocal like that? Yes I should have got some help on it, but it seemed so easy at first. Haha. Anyway, I got one of three placements. The “Hey Mister”, used under who-knows-what circumstances. Total buy out. Work for hire… but good money. And I’m pissed I didn’t get the other two empty spaces. There must have been some pretty good tracks to have beaten me on this. Especially the intro/action/dubstep opening scene. WTF. See below.