Maxentor – “Ambient Masters” Ambient Playlist

Ape X – Instrumentals 01

Smoky Laguna to Pont le Rat – “Good”
The Heavy Petals – The End

Pont le Rat – GoodA Longlands – Structure

Maxentor – Choose Life

Anomalies 01A Longlands – Anomalies

maxentor bnwMaxentor – Sleeping Gold

Pont le Rat 01Pont le Rat – Cambodia

peaceful piano 01A Longlands – Peaceful Piano


A song about celebrity me too offenders circa 2000. Amazingly, Radio 1, UK national radio, played this daytime for about six months. Signed by Boy Georges indie label, so kudos to them.

you been sold

You Been Sold
Mastered at Abbey Road, and I think they messed up the mastering. Damn fine lyric and my first SSL mix, engineered by Chris Scard. When in doubt, blame Abbey Road.

make it nice

Make It Nice
True Story


Long lost classic

Side One

Side One
Second Album signed to J Records/Clive Davis. Sporting a bindi this time.

buy me ep artwork

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 7.24.59 PMBroken
Circa 2004-ish. Did a whole album of ‘duets’ with this lot. The producers, the fake band in the background, had not a clue who they were messing with. In both cases.