Adam –

Kitty Pipatcharoenkij – long time collaborator, composer/songwriter, vocalist (Revlon etc), musician, programmer, producer, mixer, all round genius, and is even into circuit bent keyboards and tech. Now lives in Bangkok and tours Asia and works remotely from anywhere in the world where she may be, because its the future and that’s how we do.

Victoria Scott – does vocals (Maybelline etc), guitars, composition, from the band “The Blue Dolphins” with her long time partner in crime and love. As of summer 2020 they have been play listed at 40 west coast radio stations and continue to gather traction on the alt rock indie scene.

Zander Bleck
Singer, musician, composer, producer who speaks everyones language and everybody loves him. From the band Mojave Grey, also performs as a solo artist and where ever the creative muse takes him. Has worked with everybody from Mutt Lang to Max Martin. Signed by Jimmy Iovine to Interscope, and currently working on various projects. Highlight of our collabs, so far, is a god awful commercial cover of ‘Love Stinks’. Zander did great, we both did, but I’m so grateful somebody else won the spot. I never would have forgiven myself. Its now just a lost memory in a past studio in the depths of time. Just another music project in the pursuit of business and art.