Ad Classics

One of my favorites. There should be more string quartet and nylon string guitar concertos.

This is a cover of the original Munsters theme and very, very strangely sounds better than the original. Purely subjective opinion, of course. An orange 12 String Vox/Phantom was used for the main riff and…well…it’s a Duesey, for sure.

My longest running ad, still airs to this day in various parts of the world. Recorded in 2006 on duelling ukeleles. Well, one’s a Uke, the other is a mandolin.

In this poster shot Jen is about to say ‘fffff… oh no not another Aveeno ad’. Another really long running ad that still airs in various parts of the world. I came up with a sound for Jen and did all her Aveeno’s from 2013 to 2020. Now Jen’s sound, that was made personally for her, I recognize on various similar brands. Some of them I’m even, like, head to the side, is that my track? Very flattering.


Harmon Kardon
Ralph Lauren
Revlon – Halle Berry – The sound of the kick drum in this track was requested and insisted upon, no lie. I kept going half measure and then getting feedback that just said ‘More’. Obviously this is way before Gaga educated the American mainstream on how ‘electronica’ should sound and feel. I’m not to blame, basically. I must say, once Gaga did her thing, American electronica producers took it to the next level, beating out the best of the best, the Swedish and the few great Englanders. Daft Punk obviously can’t be FW but hey… classics.