Picture pending. I’ll put the video up, once it starts airing. Nice little Maybelline with a sag contract. Vocals; Victoria, Marco and myself.

The Jon Lowe Beat Combo

Some dnb from Jon, mastered by me and already on a few Spotify playlists. Jon running things for us over there in Hong Kong.


A bucha tracks for Fox. This is just a few of them. Judge not please, the politics is none of my business, I”m British. Plus, there’s no way I’m turning down  approx < $30K – PER TRACK.

Something for Dennys

An Oceans 11 Trap remix for Dennys

Some TV

‘NASA’, used extensively for the Fox coverage of the world cup. ‘Mackintire’, the first track on the Fatboy Slim episode of After the Raves, on Netflix. Opening shot, Brighton Beach, and funnily enough ‘Mackintire’ is all about The Kinks, The Who, Quadraphenia, and mods and rockers mecca; Brighton Beach. ‘All Day Dub’ used on ‘Social Fabric’ , Netflix. Chinese fella named Kyle that makes next level tv docs about Fashion. Just saw him today at The Grove.

Queer Eye Ringtone

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 7.29.26 PM

Currently No.2 in the itunes Ringtone charts and season just started.


facebookFacebook…. erm, no comment. Nice track though, and a short docu-vert put together by a good creative team. Our protagonist explains that he was depressed working a 9-5 in London and decided to give it all up and do 1000 mile journeys in and on odd modes of transport. Personally, I think, he should have just moved to a sunnier climate. However, it takes all sorts and good luck to him.